George Whitefield: They Count Now

  Mark Noll, author of “America’s God,” suggests that the foundation for the American Revolution was laid by The Great Awakening. How is it then, without communication,that an awakening occurred? Was there an underground network the history books missed?  No, there was no underground network; but there was George Whitefield.   Mr. Wesley helped out […]

The Wire

The Wire lured me in like a Snickers lures a sugar-holic. Three long episodes on a Saturday afternoon so I went to bed that night muttering street thug lingo like put a cap in that m-f-a, he be the snitch or this here America, man. Some social scientist might claim I was appropriating. Old white […]

Here’s a baseball poem with references to lines from other poets. Cento: The Iterative Shortstop Something there is that will not glove a ball. Mitts fall apart; the webbing is too tight. Wild men who leap and drop it in mid-flight— What but design of darkness to appall? Nor is the art of bobbling hard […]

Grab a killer sandwich–homemade bread daily–at The Diplomat Luncheonette on Drayton just down from Pinkie Masters. Delicious food for vegans and meat lovers.

How many of you have sworn off watching the news–in any format, TV, phone, laptop? If I watch, I either get mad or anxious. Is it worth it? Do I have to stay informed? Where is that written down?

Mr. Hooks commented recently on the state of the union. He quoted from Mr. H. Melville’s book in which Hooks’ larger pale cousin plays a major role: “Heaven have mercy on us all – Presbyterians and Pagans alike – for we are all somehow dreadfully cracked about the head, and sadly need mending.”