I’ve been confined to the house for a month. On March 7th, I underwent foot surgery, so I’m in a hard, blue cast that cannot touch the floor or ground. My wife has been such a selfless help. Those who go through this alone–you have my sympathy.

I find myself often alone. Having grown up as an only child, being alone always unnerved me. I needed people. But this injury (pickleball) and the solitude that’s grown out of it has engendered in me a sense of peace and even joy. Earlier, I commented on Robert Cardinal Sarah’s book: The Power of Silence; Against the Tyrrany of Noise. Sarah says we only hear God in silence. And as Pascal said, All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. I think these two are onto something.


9 thoughts on “Restricted

      1. Rick! So Good to hear from you! Our old Macon ties run pretty deep. You and I were in the first grade together at Clisby, MIss Haroll. Then Cub Scouts, Junior High. Then we were slotted into different groups, which was sad, I think, the way we were told to join this or that group. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Brother Levens,
    Sorry you are incapacitated right now, but am sure you will endure this sequester. No doubt you are writing, so we look forward to the results. Do what the good Doctors say my boy, and you’ll be back in short order. Blessings!

  2. Many thanks, Dub. The Lord has gifted me with a peace of mind and heart through this whole thing. My precious Jean, who is cognitively in decline, has been a saint. I am so blessed. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Sorry to hear about the foot.
    I have always enjoyed listening to silence. Probably because, with 6. Siblings, it was such a rare event.
    Get well soon

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