Mr. Hooks, Ocmulgee Oracle

My newest opus nauseous, Mr. Hooks, is set along the Ocmulgee River and concerns the doings of a talking catfish. Wait! Before you hang up–he talks to a lawyer who needs talking to. And only in dreams, so don’t think I’m writing fantasy here. The book also has trash talking crows, if you’re an NBA fan.


One thought on “Mr. Hooks, Ocmulgee Oracle

  1. So this is the re-write you have been working on! Do you intend to publish it, and if so, will you be using SmashWords again? BTW, I wrote in Tietam Cane as best historical fiction novel in the GoodReads poll. It didn’t make it to the semifinals, but I am hoping that someone who hadn’t read it was curious and decided to check it out. It remains the best book I’ve read this year. You may get some competition when I start Edge of Eternity, the final installment of Ken Follett’s century trilogy. I look forward to reading Mr. Hooks, Ocmulgee-oracle soon.

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