How many of you have sworn off watching the news–in any format, TV, phone, laptop? If I watch, I either get mad or anxious. Is it worth it? Do I have to stay informed? Where is that written down?

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  1. We haven’t had the big three channels (or Fox, CNN, or MSNBC) for two years, so I only read something online on MSN, or if a friend posts something on fb regarding news in a third-world nation that is typically ignored by U.S. media. Otherwise, I would not have been aware of the mudslides in Africa. So I still pay some attention, but have not missed television as I thought I might. So much is pure garbage, whether it is the news or vulgar sitcoms.

  2. Lance,
    You probably already know I don’t have a television, and I spend as little time as possible on electronic media. However, I am sensitive to the groupthink angst so feel it in the noise pollution, the frenzy of life in the surround, and in the seeming preoccupations of everyone I meet.

    Lately, though, I find myself caring less about what happens, because it seems so futile and only upsets me. You might say to pray, which I do in my own way, trying to imagine a brighter present and future for us all.

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