Psalm 46

At Christ Church Anglican, Savannah, I was touched and encouraged recently by a Sunday school teaching by Father Marc Robertson. Discussing Psalm 46, Father Marc shared a personal moment of darkness in his life and how Psalm 46 had been such a consolation. To me that’s teaching at its most penetrating. The text and how the text touches the heart of the man sitting across from me. Psalm 46 was also Luther’s favorite, a man who slogged through his own dark valleys. In fact, it was the inspiration for his composition: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. So there, on a single morning, we were privileged to witness twenty-five hundred years of solace; first, to the Psalmist, second, to Luther, and thirdly, to Father Marc and us, the class.


4 thoughts on “Psalm 46

  1. Always soul-gratifying to have a teaching or a sermon preached that touches our heart AND spurs us to do something in our own lives as a result.

    I really miss all of my friends at CCA and delight in seeing each of you whenever it happens. Wray Williamson was in my weekly prayer group and always kept us “up,” but now she is definitely painting with the angels! I never met anyone who could draw people in need to her……totally unaware herself of what was happening….as Wray could. I witnessed it again and again in the years that we worshiped together, prayed together, traveled together, and played guitars together.

    My kitchen walls are filled with her art work from birthday gifts and other celebrations….doves, roosters (Cursillo),and, yes, crabs, for my Crabette connection. But my very favorite was one of her last gifts, a wonderful tribute to both my dog Crumpet and me. Several years ago, when I had some abdominal surgery and was unable to walk Crumpet for six weeks, Wray came over EVERY DAY to walk her. Needless to say, the two developed a strong bond, and from then on, Crumpet leapt with joy every Monday afternoon when Wray would arrive (usually late, of course,!) for our prayer group. Crumpet would lie at her feet , seek out any wounds she might have from cat scratches or bike mishaps, and spend our time together trying to lick them away.

    The prayer was in a small blue frame: “Lord, please help me to be the person Crumpet thinks I am…..”. It has a place of honor on my desk…..

    No comment needed…..

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