Recently I watched an interview with the stars of Ozark, a newish TV show filmed on Lakes Lanier and Altoona. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney gushed about Georgia’s progressive mindset and how the state film commission had done such a fine job of arranging and organizing so new films can be made in our state. Honestly, my heart sank. Couple that with the governor’s news that Georgia is now the number one state in the country for new business opportunities and what do you have? A world, a culture disappearing, fading away, growing obsolete and old fashioned. I know, it means jobs and money and growth, too, and those can be good. But the world that’s disappearing happens to be my world, a place where people ate watermelon on their back porch at night, where you didn’t lock your doors, where the teacher’s word was law, and where families still lived close enough to have reunions. But a little angel sitting on my shoulder reminds me that the same world I’m praising and putting on a pedestal also subtly concealed hate and prejudice. It held back or even rejected classes of people just because they were female or black or another minority. (BTW that little angel is most always right.) So, I’m left with nostalgia. And sometimes he’s not such bad company.




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