Long Shot

My wife and I recently saw Long Shot, or, we saw a portion of it. It is billed a romantic comedy with Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. Naturally, when I spotted the words “romantic comedy,” I thought Frank Capra, or Silver Linings Playbook or any of Hugh Grant’s recent offerings. What we found was a movie whose writers felt so insecure that they beefed up every other line with the f bomb. To top it off the inevitable sex scene between the unlikely rough-around-the-edges Rogen and elegant Theron leaped ratings-wise into x to the nth power. We walked out. Afterwards, I thought: am I a movie snob? Or do I just want my money’s worth. A script with a smidgen of wit, maybe some insight in the way romance¬† trumps power, employing the language as well as it can be employed, given the limitations of the genre i.e. It’s not the stage. The two leads are falling in love, so the sex fits the story line. But why pander to the most perverse instincts on the human spectrum? Answer: porn sells, or, at least the creative team crafting this project seem to think so. It’s sad. Could have been a fine little film.


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